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The World’s Business Partner

We know you.

Angela the Solopreneur

Angela runs her business all on her own and she loves it. She would like some help but doesn’t like the idea of managing a team or playing with new technology. She chooses to use’s Done-For-You solutions so she can be hands-off and focus on what she does best. 

Toby the Entrepreneur

Toby has a grand vision of scaling past 7 figures. He understands that he cannot do this alone. He participates in business coaching with, uses their automation software and manages the team they provide to help him grow his business while getting his time back.

Jenny the Manager

Jenny is in charge of a department at the company she works for. She loves the fact that she can choose from any of’s talent pool whenever she needs them. The daily reports, project management software and her dedicated project manager makes life easy when she reports to her supervisor.

We know what you need.

Coins Cash

Increasing Revenue

Use to increase your revenue.

Busy Relaxed

Getting Back Time can help you get your time back.

Expensive Economical

Reducing Costs

Paying too much for staff or marketing?

Our clients love us.

"I've written hundreds of programs and spoken to rooms with thousands of people. Training is my forte but when it came to moving our courses online, I didn't know where to start. The team from Finda was able to help me put everything together. Jazz & Gian, you two are my saviors!"
Founder & CEO
"I used to find it difficult to let go but the team at Finda was able to figure out which areas of my business I could delegate and took over. Now I spend less time on the day to day and more time on what counts, getting results for my clients. Thanks, Mo, for helping me take my business to the next level."
Personal Trainer
Dr Elwanda
Salt Foundation

... and we have 4 ways to help  you.

We have a special set of skills...

We pride ourselves on being able to handle any situation.

... some truly talented team members...

Daniel Tanael finda team


Graphics Designer
Arif Profile 1.1


Web Developer
Churchill Profile


Project Manager

... and we do things a little differently at finda.

Wonderful People

We work hard to source and train the best talent.

Dedicated Project Managers

You're assigned a project manager who will support you in managing your team and achieving your goals.

Video Screening

During recruitment we collect hundreds of videos during the screening process so you only work with the best.

Comprehensive Training

Our team is trained by our in-house professional trainers to ensure they're always prepared for your needs.


With finda, you have 100% transparency.

Transparent Pricing

Hourly rates for all staff are available from the team page.

Screenshot Capture

Need to know what you were billed for? You can always check the screenshots.

Itemised Invoices

Every to-do item, date of work and team member is clearly laid out.

Detailed Profiles

Learn more about the team's experience and personalities by checking their profiles.

Daily Work Reports

Every day you will get a report outlining the to-do items from your team.

Security & Technology

We take our security and our technology seriously.

ID & Background Checks

All staff are vetted and ID-checked. Trust who you're working with 100% of the time.

2FA & Password Vaults

We take security seriously. We use password vaults and 2FA on our PM and email systems

Member Dashboard

Everything you need in one place including communication, subscriptions and courses.

Project Tools

We use to offer enterprise level project management tools.

Chat & Video

Communicate with your team on our platform including voice and video calls.

Did you know that we recruit too?

Sometimes you need a little help finding that special someone.

Standard Recruitment Model

We can find the perfect team member for you. We even guarantee their placement. We know that sometimes team members don't work out and we will support you until you find the right person.

Hybrid Recruitment Model

Want us to handle HR and payroll? We can help. We can even support you in hiring them part-time in your business and employ them internally to create a full-time role. It's a match made in heaven!

Things you should know:

If you have a team of staff from platforms such as UpWork or Fiverr, we can integrate them onto our platform so you can take advantage of our monitoring and productivity toolset. You can even consolidate your invoicing and it won’t cost any more than what you are paying now.

One of the benefits of integrating into our platform is that we can offer additional hours to your staff. If you can only afford to hire someone part-time, we can find additional work to allow them to work full-time. This removes the risk of them seeking other full-time employment away from you.

We offer life coaching and meditation classes for our team which your staff can take advantage of. These days it’s not the pay that is the primary factor for an employee’s happiness, it’s the team culture. We can help you build this.

We provide a comprehensive platform to grow your business…

Would you like to take a tour?

Our software partners

Marketing Tools


Social media automation at its best.


Robust social media automation and data scraping.


Find prospects & and run email automations all in the same platform.


Send 20 connections a day and automate your linkedin prospecting.


Social media automation, marketing automation & CRM in one place.


Send personalised emails incluiding video, gifs and images.

Meeting & Webinars



Get an enterprise account for a fraction of the retail price.

go brunch


Interactive webinars for a unique experience.

WordPress Plugins


Social media sites build directly on WordPress.


Learning Management System for WordPress.


High quality membership plugin.


High quality suite of addon plugins and themes.


Site speed and image size optimization with a build int CDN.

Squirley SEO

AI SEO optimisation plugin.

Writing content can be challenging. Peppertype.AI takes the effort out of getting started and speeds up the process of generating SEO optimised content for your social media profiles, websites and other content distribution channels. It even has a long form generator that will allow you to expand out your blog titles and section headings to create content faster than you can come up with ideas!

Choose from our 3 coaching programs.

Find your purpose
Blastoff to $10k Months
Scale to 7 Figures

Thinking of becoming a coach?

Starting out as a coach can be challenging. If you would like a jump start, finda can help. You can get access to our courses and programs to sell to your clients along with all of the business resources such as staff and technology.

Already a coach and looking to scale?

Sometimes as a coach, it feels like you’re irreplaceable. That might feel great, however, it’s a bad recipe for scaling. We are able to find talented coaches who can help you deliver your products to your clients, freeing your time.

Lead Generation

Online Networking

Have our team members represent you at networking meetings, freeing up your time and opening up opportunities.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Reach out, sequence and funnel your prospects using our advanced automation technology and skilled team members.

Facebook Lead Generation

Find contacts, reach out and sequence them into your Facebook groups where you can nurture them into clients.


Ads Management

We will create your ads, target audience and even optimise your delivery to increase your conversion rates.

Social Media Management

We will create your posts, distribute them and reply to comments (even while you sleep).

events management and Promotion Icon

Events Management & Promo

We help you optimise the branding of your events, promote and even help you run the room on the day!

Search Engine Optimisation

On-page and off-page SEO to help you generate business from search engines.

Web Development

WordPress Web Development

Have an SEO optimised website created for you along with all the relevant plugins to give it the functionality you have been dreaming of.

Ecommerce Web Development

If you're looking to sell physical or SaaS products online, we can help. Sell internationally by getting an ecommerce site built by us.

Additional Services

process document design

Process Documents

If you want to get your time back, building process documents is an incredibly important part of the "process." See what we did there?

Course Creation

Courses are a great way to grow your business. Let us take the work out of taking your next course to market.

Our most valuable asset is our staff.

We are a family to our staff. We will always have your back. We will always support you in feeling valuable. We will always approach our interactions from a place of love. You’re our most valuable asset.

This is what you can look forward to as a member of our team:

Become a partner,  today.

Becoming a member of the platform has its own set of benefits:

course builder

Course Builder

Build course content on our platform and add to your sales channels.

Private Groups

Take your prospects off of Facebook and take back control of your sales.

Affiliate System

Earn money from selling our products and even other members' products!


Find great work

In here demo the “finda Platform” as well as all of the software tools that we offer in the “finda TOOL” section. Demonstrate how we use technology to ensure our staffing solution is the best.

Find opportunities for every stage of your freelance career

Find opportunities for every stage of your freelance career

Find opportunities for every stage of your freelance career

Our history.

GROW! Masterminds Founded
Joe Bellissimo founded GROW! Masterminds to deliver accessible accountability support through masterminds after being inspired by the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and attending a Tony Robbins seminar.
Blastoff Consulting Founded
After the success of GROW! Masterminds, Blastoff Consulting was founded. Many of our clients who sought life coaching from GROW! wanted to learn about the business model behind it and create their own successful coaching businesses.
finda TEAM Launched
We realised that the biggest challenge to our clients was finding a good team. To solve this we consolidated our small team from GROW! and Blastoff and proceeded to offer access to our team for our clients.
finda PLATFORM Launched
GROW!, Blastoff and finda were integrated into the finda PLATFORM. By merging the businesses we were able to offer Teams, Training and Technology in one place. We built the ultimate support system for entrepreneurs.

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